Technology brings the World to a new dimension. Is it confusing? Our way of looking and thinking of the world is changing day by day due to innovations in technologies like Virtual Reality vs Augmented reality two broad tech concepts. Technologies create new opportunities into different industries making our lives much easier.

Virtual reality vs Augmented reality is really making you confused? These are confusing terms but you have to remember that Augmented Reality is the advanced type of Virtual reality. Because of the rapid increase in its use. It can’t become easily understandable without knowing the difference between two thoroughly.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

VR is the use of computer technology to create the stimulating environment. On the other hand, augmented reality is an upgraded kind of reality, invents by the use of technology which adds digital information on an image of something.

How to find a difference in virtual reality vs augmented reality?

With elapsing of time, change in technology brings more facilities and entertainment. AR is the fellow of VR but both are very different in working and have a different purpose.
Don’t be confused. First, we have to know what the similarity between AR is and VR due to which we feel augmented reality and Virtual reality both are same.

Difference between Virtual reality vs Augmented reality
Difference between Virtual reality and Augmented reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality both hold few of the same type of technologies and use for some of the same purposes like entertainment, science and medicine, business, and training.

But the key differences between AR and VR which make them separate entity are elaborated here below:

1. Creation and Enhancement:

Virtual reality generates a full new artificial world, whereas augmented reality adds something new in the already existing environment to upgrade the real world. You can easily understand my word by this example:
“When you see, you are swimming with dolphins, it is virtual reality and when the dolphins are coming out from the screen of your mobile phone, it is augmented reality.”

2. Devices

Virtual reality needs a specific device which completely insulates us in the virtual world, on the other side Augmented reality require the environment, that’s why it uses the camera of our devices like smartphones, tablets, desktops.

3. Delivery method:

VR using head-mounted and hand-held controllers which allow them to control and navigate their action. Rather VR augmented reality using Google glass and Hololens as controllers which develop by the tech companies.

Have you seen Movie Avatar? 😀

The movie is completely based on the power of technology “Virtual Reality”. 3D effects in the movie make you feel like you are a part of that cinematic creation.

4. The purpose behind the AR and VR

Every technology has a purpose behind it. Virtual reality is best for video games and other entertainment but Augment reality hold more integration in evaluation and marketing field.

virtual reality vs augmented reality
Technology is upgraded

Ending Note:

Regarding what each technology wants to achieve, virtual reality vs augmented reality is opposite mirror image of one another. Augmented reality depends on virtual elements in the real world, whether virtual reality digitally recreates a real-life setting.

Because of changing in technology rapidly, now we are going to live in the world which is more virtual than real. Do you agree with my point of view? if yes, then Cool it is 😀



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