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Robust Web App To Support IoT-Enabled Baby Tech

With rapid development of a new web app, this IoT-enabled baby tech brand can now provide parents peace of mind with reliable, always-on apps.

Robust Web App To Support IoT-Enabled Baby Tech

Robust Web App To Support IoT-Enabled Baby Tech

With rapid development of a new web app, this IoT-enabled baby tech brand can now provide parents peace of mind with reliable, always-on apps.

Robust Web App To Support IoT-Enabled Baby Tech

IoT Baby Tech Brand (IBTB)

Leading provider of intelligent, interconnected baby monitoring devices

IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

Software Engineering, Migration of Native Application to Web Application, Facilitate Interactivity Between Native Mobile Platform and Web App

IoT Solutions

Project Timeline

2 weeks to MVP, 12 weeks to migrate remaining functionality and additional features

IoT Solutions

Tech Stack

React, Progressive Web App

Being a new parent is not for the faint of heart.

Juggling the many responsibilities of caring for a newborn is a wonderful, albeit exhausting, labor of love. On top of that, postnatal anxiety — a heightened feeling of anxiety after a new baby is born — is a common source of anguish for many new parents. Powering through slews of sleepless nights only increases those feelings of anxiety. In all, parenting can be a highly stressful endeavor.

Unfortunately, there’s no one magic solution on the market that will soothe all the anxieties that keep new parents up at night. But our client, a leading provider of intelligent, interconnected baby monitoring devices, comes pretty close.

Leveraging the power of sleep science in conjunction with IoT-enabled technology, this IoT baby tech brand (we’ll call it IBTB for short) puts peace of mind back in parents’ hands by providing them with real-time insights into their babies’ needs. Thanks to IBTB’s solutions, over 1 million parents rest assured knowing their babies are sleeping soundly and safely.

The Client

IBTB provides award-winning, intelligent baby monitoring products that empower parents with the most priceless commodity out there: peace of mind. The company’s suite of solutions includes:

  • Smart baby monitors that track sleep quality
  • A smart HD video baby monitor that enables parents to hear, see and talk with their baby through secure connection from anywhere
  • An online, personalized infant sleep training solution that provides parents with step-by-step sleep plans, video tutorials, and access to 1:1 email support from certified sleep experts

What differentiates IBTB’s products is their ability to not only monitor babies while they sleep, but to provide parents with actionable insight into their babies’ needs at every milestone. Parents want to understand exactly when their child needs sleep support. Now, thanks to the help of IoT-enabled sensors in IBTB’s smart baby monitors, parents have access to their babies’ sleep trends, including wakings, heart rate, and movement.

The smart video monitors give parents the reassurance that even if they’re not in the same room, they can still see and hear their baby. And the sleep training solution brings science-backed sleep tips into the room with safe, easy, and proven ways to procure healthy sleep habits for both baby and parents.

The Challenge

Each of IBTB’s products is supported by a native app that provides parents with key data insights and control over their remote monitoring systems. Our client realized that developing a web app to reproduce the functionality of their mobile apps would provide them with greater resilience and reliability in the event the native apps were inaccessible to parents. Creating a web app meant IBTB could continue providing parents with peace of mind, no matter what the circumstances.

Phone Mockup

IBTB wanted to be sure that the new web app gave its users the same feel and functionality as its native apps. This would allow their users to operate IBTB products seamlessly from a smartphone browser without the need to download an application from the app store.

Very’s Plan of Action

IBTB reached out to Very to build a robust web app that would provide parents with the same functionality and feel as its native apps.

To begin, the team at Very ensured it possessed a firm understanding of the existing native apps’ infrastructure and code, as well as the HTML infrastructure and code. Robust design work was initiated for the front end development of the mobile app user interface to recreate the native app’s look and feel. Very also spearheaded all backend API coding of IBTB’s new web app to ensure flawless functionality. While Very wasn’t involved in hardware production, the team did investigate firmware upgrades to keep the app up and running after handoff.

The Results

Thanks to Very’s instrumentation of a new web app, IBTB is able to continue providing users with reliable, always-on apps that provide new parents with peace of mind, regardless if they’re on web or mobile.

Phone Mockup

The speed at which Very was able to build and initiate a minimum viable product (MVP) was a key driver for the success of the project. Very got an MVP application up and running in two weeks, cutting the expected time for development and implementation in half. And since initial delivery of the project, Very has added new features to the app and increased the speed of its functionalities. Today, IBTB doesn’t just have another tool for system redundancies; the company also has a robust web application with enhanced features.

We’re proud to partner with IBTB and other organizations that are bringing some of the most innovative, barrier-breaking IoT solutions to market. We would love to assist you with your next IoT project; get in touch and let us help you bring your vision to life.

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