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Holistic, Human-Centered Design

Build, scale, and optimize your connected ecosystem with human-centered IoT product design — and deliver material outcomes from Day 1.

Design leader receiving feedback from client
Design leader receiving feedback from client

Our IoT Product Design Capabilities


Put people first with a keen eye toward understanding their jobs to be done.
Focus wholeheartedly on the key operators, installers, supervisors, engineers, and executives in your ecosystem.
Determine and validate the specific needs, wants, and desires of your users.
Surgically define the problem, then iteratively test potential solutions.

Problem Discovery + Solution Validation

User Experience +
User Interface Design

Deliver intuitive, efficient user experiences throughout your connected device ecosystem.
Unite priorities across engineering, marketing, industrial design, and interface design.
Ensure the entire user experience flows seamlessly.
Weave subtle queues and behaviors into the end user experience with motion prototyping, user testing and validation, micro-interaction exploration, and heuristic analysis.



What Our Clients Are Saying

Interstate Batteries I’d recommend Very in a heartbeat to anyone seeking a cutting-edge IoT development team. The level of skill, flexibility, and dedication they brought to the project was unparalleled, and I felt completely engaged throughout the process.
Jace Thomas
Jace Thomas

Former Digital Operations Manager, Interstate Batteries

The Very team is knowledgeable, and they deliver. They’ve delivered everything they’ve promised in the timeframe that they’ve promised it.
Matthew Miller
Matt Miller

Former Director of Technology, SUN Automation

I wanted a company to work with that stands behind the work they do, will be there to help with future development, and ultimately the firm that had the most experience. That’s why I chose Very.
Dennis Milford

General Manager, Koller Products

Tattlebox client logo Putting a real product into the hands of potential customers gave us the critical feedback that we needed to continue to optimize and strengthen our product offering. It not only gave us a better product for our current market, but it will allow us to expand into several adjacent markets.
Stephen Mack

Founder, Tattlebox

Meet Our Leaders

We believe that everything we build — and the people we build it with — have the potential to change the world. Partner with leaders who understand the deep complexities of IoT to build something great.

Clients reviewing a plan
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