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Get to the root of your most complex IoT challenges.

Engineers 3D printing IoT prototypes
Engineers 3D printing IoT prototypes

End-to-End IoT Development

Create Powerful IoT Solutions

Maybe the problem is convoluted, the way to solve it, vague. Maybe you know there’s an ideal outcome, but you need help to achieve it. Where other IoT development companies see obstacles, at Very, we recognize opportunities. Our experts harness the power of your people, products, and data to develop smart products and end-to-end, connected, scalable ecosystems.



We approach complicated and high-risk challenges with curiosity. Our process begins with problem discovery to ensure that we understand every element of the problem statement before moving on to a solution.



We remove the guesswork to offer more clarity, greater efficiency, higher utilization, and improved business outcomes.



Our partner-first approach leads to outcomes as powerful as the partnerships that built them. Together, we work to solve your most difficult problems and deliver undeniable value.

We de-risk the most intricate, high-value IoT projects.

Been there, Built that

Clutch Rating
Projects Shipped
"Very was truly our partner in launching Thrive Global’s products and platform. In a short time frame, they designed and problem-solved alongside our team seamlessly. They are flexible, creative, and focused on quality."
Arianna Huffington

Thrive Global

"I wanted a company to work with that stands behind the work they do, will be there to help with future development, and ultimately the firm that had the most experience. That’s why I chose Very."
Dennis Milford

General Manager, Koller Products

"The Very team is knowledgeable, and they deliver. They’ve delivered everything they’ve promised in the timeframe that they’ve promised it."
Chris Kyger

President, SUN Automation

"Putting a real product into the hands of potential customers gave us the critical feedback that we needed to continue to optimize and strengthen our product offering. It not only gave us a better product for our current market, but it will allow us to expand into several adjacent markets."
Stephen Mack

Founder, Tattlebox

"We were grateful that Very was so vested in our cause - it made working with them feel like we were building something meaningful together. We now have a site that helps us spread our message and more easily share our leadership classes. Thank you Very!"
Simon Sinek

The Opportunity Company

"We were looking for partners to help jumpstart development - and Very delivered. Across the entire product stack from Hardware to Data Science, they executed flawlessly. They set a high bar for engineering excellence, and have been reliable partners throughout."
Shervin Pishevar

Executive Chairman & Co-Founder Telly

"I’d recommend Very in a heartbeat to anyone seeking a cutting-edge IoT development team. The level of skill, flexibility, and dedication they brought to the project was unparalleled, and I felt completely engaged throughout the process."
Jace Thomas

SVP of Technology, CSC ServiceWorks

What Drives Us

Our Values

The idea that someone would care as much as you do about the right solution, not despite the complexity, but because of it, isn't far-fetched. It’s a reality with Very.

Our commitment is forged by our strong adherence to our values, which we uphold as promises made to our teams and partners every day. With our values serving as our true north, we’ll help you achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Optimize for Success

We do what it takes to create positive outcomes for our clients and our people. And we’re only satisfied when we win.

We Invest in Our People

We drive growth and expand capabilities through intentional investment in our people, processes, and community.

Orient for the Long Term

We work backward from our goals. Steer into hard decisions. And build for the future.

Solve With Alignment and Focus

We take the time to understand our clients' needs and surface the most important problems to solve. We tackle these complex, high-value challenges with skill, grit, and agility.

Maintain a Culture of Trust

We work to maintain high-trust relationships characterized by honesty, transparency, and meaningful collaboration.


Engineering leaders presenting iot devices

We’re firm believers that you are more than your job title. At Very, we prioritize talent development and professional growth with a human-first approach that caters to the unique goals each individual brings to the team.

Engineering leaders presenting iot devices
Engineering leaders presenting iot devices

Our People

We believe that everything we build — and the people we build it with — have the potential to change the world. We take every opportunity to drive the success of our partnerships and our people forward.

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