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Harness the Power of IoT


Harness the Power of IoT

Engineering leader showcasing a device prototype


Transformative, Human-Centered Development

Empower your teams to unlock meaningful change with Very. As an end-to-end IoT development company, we've crafted a unique approach that fosters trust, proves the IoT case, and prepares you to scale in record time.


Whether you’re modernizing your commercial ecosystem or contextualizing data to improve safety on your shop floor, we’ll design and deploy your solution incrementally with tangible, real-world impact.

Engineering leader showcasing a device prototype
Our Services

Powerful IoT Solutions

With Very, IoT development projects move from pilot to production in record time. Our tightly integrated, multidisciplinary teams harness the power of your people, products, and data to hone your vision and bring powerful IoT solutions to life.


IoT Design

Comprehensive IoT design: Discover, validate, and deliver seamless experiences.

Holistic, Human-Centered Design

Put people first to ensure a seamless user experience that delivers value from Day 1. We’ll apply equal parts empathy and science to design an experience that wholeheartedly supports users throughout your system.


IoT Data Solutions

Data science and engineering: Transform data into actionable insights.

Actionable Data

Put AI, machine learning, and powerful IoT data solutions to work for a smarter connected ecosystem. We’ll collect, structure, and contextualize your connected device data — then transform it into valuable business insights.


IoT Hardware + Devices

IoT hardware engineering: Design, test, and scale your device fleet.

Custom Hardware

Bring your product to market quickly with rapid hardware prototyping, build with compliance in mind on day 1, and keep your team up to speed on bleeding-edge electrical engineering practices.


IoT Software + Firmware

Development for platforms, connected systems, web, applications, and embedded devices.

Flexible IoT Software

Respond nimbly to market and product evolution with extensible, flexible code, scalable backend infrastructure, over-the-air firmware updates, and battle-tested security protocols.

Deep Expertise

Projects Shipped
Clutch Rating
I’d recommend Very in a heartbeat to anyone seeking a cutting-edge IoT development team. The level of skill, flexibility, and dedication they brought to the project was unparalleled, and I felt completely engaged throughout the process.
Jace Thomas

Former Digital Operations Manager, Interstate Batteries

The Very team is knowledgeable, and they deliver. They’ve delivered everything they’ve promised in the timeframe that they’ve promised it.
Matt Miller

Former Director of Technology, SUN Automation

I wanted a company to work with that stands behind the work they do, will be there to help with future development, and ultimately the firm that had the most experience. That’s why I chose Very.
Dennis Milford

General Manager, Koller Products

Putting a real product into the hands of potential customers gave us the critical feedback that we needed to continue to optimize and strengthen our product offering. It not only gave us a better product for our current market, but it will allow us to expand into several adjacent markets.
Stephen Mack

Founder, Tattlebox