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Very Data Science Lead Talks Emerging Tech With Amazon, Peloton, & Google

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Kayla Mims

April 5, 2021
2 min read

Very’s Data Science Practice Lead, Dr. Jenn Gamble, Ph.D., recently spoke alongside Amazon, Peloton, and Google tech professionals at Vanderbilt University’s Emerge Conference.

The 2021 installment of the annual emerging technologies conference featured the brightest minds in the industry to highlight the rise and impact of smart home technology. Jenn shared her journey with machine learning and IoT applications before breaking down the aspects that make up an efficient practice, product, and program. She walked students and attendees through applicable examples before passionately answering their most pressing questions.

Jenn used helpful visuals to explain the relevance of machine learning in everyday execution. 

  1. This set of input/ output pairs is the “training data”
  2. After feeding it into a model training process, you get a “trained model” as output
  3. This trained model can then be used to take new inputs, and will give the “predicted” output

Analytical Framing

Jenn went on to explain that one of her favorite parts of working on data science at Very is what she refers to as, “analytical framing of the problem.” She solves high-level business problems by asking, “what do I do [with the given data]? How do I set this problem up so that I can actually use this data in a valuable way?” 

Jenn used the example of a smart doorbell to explain the significance of this process before asking the audience to apply the same logic to a smart TV scenario.

She advised the crowd to consider:

  • What are the incentives here? And to whom?
  • If you are a user of the TV, what would be useful for you?
  • If you are the manufacturer of the TV, what would be useful for you?
  • What machine learning methods do we want to consider? (Ie. anomaly detection, clustering, prediction, recommendation? 

By stressing the importance of understanding exactly who the end-user is, she was better able to help students set goals for their break-out rooms.

Very is proud to see Jenn sharing her knowledge with the future of data science. 

If AI development sounds like something you could use on your next project, we’d be excited to work with you. Get in touch today to tell us more about your IoT and machine learning initiatives.