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Very Announces Rebrand That Reflects Unforgettable Experiences and High-Value Solutions

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Very Marketing Team

December 5, 2022
4 min read

Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible together.

We embolden our clients and teams to solve seemingly impossible problems.

Very exists for clients with highly complex challenges who need our particular brand of expertise to tackle them. One that rejects status quo problem-solving in favor of innovation and iteration. One that exchanges cookie-cutter fixes for singular and sustainable solutions.

Today, we announce a rebrand to lead us into the future of how Very partners with clients. Our goal: Build a brand that emphasizes our commitment to creating high-value solutions through a collaborative and user-centered process. We worked with Focus Lab to update our written and visual communications to reflect our progress and propel our success as we continue to grow. Our new brand now reflects the unforgettable customer and employee experience we’ve always given and are excited to share with the world.

Elevating Our Values

We bring integrity, humility, grit, and focus to every project to uncover and solve the root of your most complex challenges. Our values form the cornerstone of the promises that we make and keep to our clients and employees every single day.

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Optimize for Success
We do what it takes to create positive outcomes for our clients and our people. And we’re only satisfied when we win.

precise icon

We Invest in Our People
We drive growth and expand capabilities through intentional investment in our people, processes, and community.

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Orient for the Long Term
We work backward from our goals. Steer into hard decisions. And build for the future.

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Solve With Alignment & Focus
We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and surface the most important problems to solve. We tackle these complex, high-value challenges with skill, grit, and agility.

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Maintain a Culture of Trust
We work to maintain high-trust relationships characterized by honesty, transparency, and meaningful collaboration.

These updated values represent the ethos that sets us apart. Embarking on our rebrand, we knew building off of our values would set us up for lasting success. 

Reflecting Experience in Optimism

We’re experts in the IoT field and never shy away from vague, undefined, or messy problems — we embrace them. From our deep well of experience, we draw a sense of optimism that flows throughout all brand touchpoints.

Voicing Our Personality

Our brand communications represent the personality and soul of our company. The down-to-earth, optimistic qualities in our voice reflect our experience — we’ve tackled tough problems, and we’re confident in our process and partnership approach.

But, it takes more than optimism to solve a complex challenge. Beyond the technical expertise required, successful projects demand the effective communication and transparency that we practice daily. We strive to always communicate clearly and professionally — shying away from overhyped buzzwords that sound impressive, but don’t reflect business realities.

Displaying Optimism While Remaining Grounded

Our new design system leverages a primary and secondary color palette that reflects the solution-driven and disciplined attributes of our brand. The primary palette grounds us in the every day, and is our base foundation to build upon for the long term. 

Very primary palette image
Primary Palette

The secondary palette showcases our optimism. The colors balance warmth and vibrancy to represent the sense of positivity that Very brings to every project. At Very, we lean into our client’s most challenging problems and are always looking for new solutions. We don’t have all the answers but we partner with you to discover them together with our proven methodology. 

Our color palette reflects the unique and diverse qualities our team brings to the table. They represent a willingness to approach problems from different angles to get to the root of the issue, never afraid to explore a new way forward to discover a visionary solution. During the rebranding process, we incorporated diverse perspectives from our internal team and agency team members to bring in fresh thinking and identify creative solutions.

Very secondary palette image
Secondary Palette

Crafting Elevated Solutions

We bring a new perspective to our client’s most challenging problems to discover what’s possible. The greatest opportunities for growth and meaningful change are found in the hardest problems. Our logotype was designed around that very concept. It’s the visual embodiment of our ability to envision a powerful IoT solution — with the expertise and support needed to get you there. 

Very logo

Our Vision for the Future

We’re celebrating this rebrand as a step into the future of Very and an expression of our long-standing commitment to meeting your most challenging problems with curiosity and confidence. Your success reflects our success. As our team grows, we remain committed to building lasting partnerships and solutions that meet the needs of an evolving tech landscape. We see opportunity everywhere — especially in the hard-to-solve problems. We champion fresh thinking, diverse perspectives, high collaboration, and creative problem solving.