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Very Named 2021 Business Culture Awards Finalist

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Kayla Mims

September 22, 2021
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We’re excited to announce that Very has been chosen as a 2021 Business Culture Awards Finalist for the Best Coaching, Mentoring & Personal Development Initiative. 

As always, competition for the awards this year was fierce, so we’re thrilled to be named as finalists in three separate categories. 

The Business Culture Awards give forward-thinking organizations a way to celebrate notable steps that create a stand-out business culture — recognizing how their teams’ employment experience is fundamental to business performance. 

Judges looked to understand how coaching, mentoring, and personal development/ performance management initiatives and conversations have supported the organization’s performance and success in how far-reaching the impact has been in terms of developing a coaching culture or more effective performance management. 

Very was recognized for our cultural values, namely through our framework for career development and one-to-one conversations that have wide-reaching benefits for the organization and for individuals. 

Our Awarded Approach

When launching our framework, we set out to answer the following: 

  • How do we best achieve alignment outside of individual client projects?
  • How do we cultivate the leadership and direction to ensure long-term talent retention?
  • How do we incentivize individuals to work together across siloed engagements?

Teach. Learn. Do.

This system is designed to work as a feedback framework: empowering others on our team and in the industry more broadly, continuously learning and furthering one’s craft, as well as utilizing lean and agile methodologies to incrementally deliver the best products possible are just a few of the ways we measure our success.

Technical Mentorship Program

As an engineering services firm, it’s easy to frame all personal development in terms of technical proficiency. However, as we grow in size, we recognize that project complexity, teams with strong leadership and higher degrees of collaboration will invariably be more successful than those with only technical talent. As a result, all disciplines and teams have the opportunity to partake in coordinated mentorship sessions in order to learn new interests and skills from one another, as well as leadership. 

Personal Development

Education stipends, an ESL program, and enterprise accounts for online course providers are just a few ways we choose to invest in our employees.

Very was also named one of Inc Magazine’s  Best Workplaces of 2020. The strongest engagement scores were awarded to companies that are leading the way in employee recognition and performance management. Notably, the study found that 100% of both women and men at Very surveyed agreed with the statement, “I see professional growth and career development opportunities for myself in this organization.” 

Learn more about the awards and see the full list of finalists here