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Episode 58 – Understanding Digital Twins in a Manufacturing Environment with Erik Udstuen, Co-Founder & CEO at TwinThread


with Erik Udstuen

June 22, 2023

26 minutes

In the 58th episode of IoT Podcast: Over the Air, Ryan Prosser, CEO of Very, speaks with Erik Udstuen, Co-Founder & CEO at TwinThread. They discuss digital twins in the manufacturing sector and share insights into the best practices that can be adopted in this industry. Erik provides real-life examples of the successful implementation of their services and explains the different digital twin technologies, highlighting the three essential conditions for successful implementation. 

Erik, a visionary entrepreneur, is dedicated to addressing challenges in the IoT industry through innovative solutions. With a strong focus on enhancing productivity, he has developed groundbreaking technologies. Before founding TwinThread, Erik successfully launched Alpine Metrics, a platform designed to predict sales and marketing outcomes, optimizing business performance. His expertise and track record in developing transformative solutions make him a driving force in the industry.

They cover:

👉 [03:30] Elaboration on digital twin technology

👉 [04:49] Applying TwinThread in solving manufacturing problems

👉 [09:00] How early adopters in the manufacturing industry are utilizing digital twins 

👉 [11:45] Analyzing data to create an affordable solution through TwinThread  

👉 [15:33] Understanding the objectives of TwinThread  

👉 [19:40] The three conditions required for the implementation of digital twins in a manufacturing company

👉 [21:20] The interaction between IoT and the manufacturing sector  

👉 [24:40] Understanding the concept of a virtual center of excellence  

👉 [28:09] Keeping up with industry trends through the automation of services 

👉 [31:00] New innovations making waves in the Industry 

If you’re interested in learning the ways digital twin has been improving the manufacturing environment, tune into the 58th episode of IoT Podcast: Over the Air.

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