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Episode 79 – From Landfills to Eco-Consciousness: Driving Sustainability with Reusable Filter Frames with Mark Dodd, Head of IoT at Woosh


with Mark Dodd

April 10, 2024

25 minutes

In the 79th episode of IoT Podcast: Over the Air, Ryan Prosser, CEO of Very, is joined by Mark Dodd, Head of IoT at Woosh, a company that uses IoT to monitor air quality in homes and offices in real-time. 

Join Ryan and Mark as they discuss the exciting topic of infusing IOT technology into consumable and disposable products. Mark explains Woosh’s innovative solution for retrofitting existing HVAC systems into smart air home purification systems, complete with a smart air filter that notifies users when it needs changing. They delve into the advantages of Woosh’s solution, including reduced waste and improved air quality.

The conversation also covers the challenges faced by Woosh and its future plans, including potential applications in various industries. Mark shares his excitement about Hubble Networks, a company revolutionizing remote sensing and data collection through satellite technology. 

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About the Show

“IoT Podcast: Over the Air” is a podcast that features unfiltered conversations with executives about their IoT journeys — the mistakes they made, the lessons they learned, and what they wished they’d known when they started. In each episode of Over the Air, our expert guests make bold predictions, reveal unpopular opinions, and share stories you won’t hear anywhere else.

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Hosted by: Ryan Prosser

CEO at Very

As Very's CEO, Ryan collaborates daily with product, sales, and marketing to deliver the IoT solutions our clients look for. He is also a champion for our culture, fostering transparency and efficiency across our distributed team.