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Episode 45 – Building a Connected Musical Instrument with Rafael Atijas of Loog Guitars


with Rafael Atijas

December 22, 2022

32 minutes

In the 45th episode of IoT Podcast: Over the Air, Ryan Prosser, CEO of Very, is joined by Rafael Atijas, Founder and CEO at Loog Guitars. They discuss how Loog Guitars has been changing the musical experience of kids. They also look at the target market of their products: the kids’ parents. They further elaborate on how Loog Guitars has evolved over the years to its present state. Rafael explains how Loog Guitars creates educational content for kids through the use of technology and storytelling. Loog Guitars creates musical products for children that employ storytelling and technology to pique and maintain their interest in music.

Rafael Atijas is an expert in product development, brand strategy, and digital marketing. He has a background in music, and has released three albums. He is responsible for creating the three-stringed guitars used by his company, Loog Guitars. Before founding Loog Guitars, he worked with Atijas Casal Arquitectos as its director and was responsible for developing and implementing their rebranding strategy.  

Rafael also helped Loog Guitars raise more than $550,000 making it the best-selling guitar on Kickstarter. Loog Guitars is an IoT company that uses technology to provide musical instruments that are easy and fun to play. 

They cover:

👉 [01:30] The idea behind Loog Guitars 

👉 [03:52] What makes Loog Guitars better than other children’s instruments 

👉 [05:33] The target market of Loog Guitars

👉 [07:37] Journey from a Kickstarter campaign to a recognized company

👉 [10:34] The Loog Guitars 

👉 [12:50] Integrating technology with musical instruments to unlock children learning experience 

👉 [13:25] The development of educational content with Loog Guitars 

👉 [16:33] The technology side of Loog Guitars 

👉 [18:20] The evolution of Loog Guitars  

👉 [21:39] The future plans for Loog Guitars, LLC

👉 [26:10] Creating the next generation of musicians with Loog Guitars products 

If you’re interested in improving children’s interest with educational content, tune into the 45th episode of IoT Podcast: Over the Air.


Hosted by: Ryan Prosser

CEO at Very

As Very's CEO, Ryan collaborates daily with product, sales, and marketing to deliver the IoT solutions our clients look for. He is also a champion for our culture, fostering transparency and efficiency across our distributed team.