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Stacey Baradit

Director of Product Design

California, USA

As Very’s Director of Product Design, Stacey develops and matures our design practice to leverage data, sensors, hardware, and software capabilities in clever ways in our products.



Stacey holds a BA in Psychology & Chinese from Williams College, as well as a Masters of Information Management and Systems from UC Berkeley.

Industry Experience

Prior to joining Very, Stacey has spent the last 5 years as a Product Manager and UX Designer at Apple. She has strived to bring innovative design thinking and motivational strategy to multi-national teams in order to drive effective product development. She has specialized in cross-cultural User Research and Usability testing and has leveraged her background in Psychology to genuinely understand the user and generate insights.


In Stacey’s free time, she enjoys skiing, hiking, traveling, and learning new languages.

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