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Mitchel Haan

Lead Software Engineer

Michigan, USA

As a Sr. Software Engineer at Very, Mitchel Haan works to deliver high-quality embedded software on IoT projects.

Past Experience

  • Blue Medora, Senior Software Engineer
  • Clean Logix LLC, Consulting Software Engineer
  • Modustri, Embedded Developer
  • GE Aviation Systems, Software Engineer

Industry Experience

Mitchel has been working and experimenting with computers since around the age of 5 and has over 10 years of professional experience in software testing, development, and embedded systems. Notably, before joining Very, Mitchel worked on embedded development for GE Aviation Systems.



Mitchel considers himself a tinkerer and has a perpetual stream of house and vehicle projects going on, usually revolving around integrating tech in some way or another. Some recent projects include replacing his small, falling-over “garage” with a large, heated garage and workspace and converting a box truck into a motorhome.


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