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Alexandra Kaufhold

Sr. Electrical Engineer

Colorado, USA

In her role as a Senior Electrical Engineer at Very, Alexandra collaborates with a number of cross-functional teams, designs electronics and builds innovative prototype solutions for clients. As a passionate lifelong learner, she is always seeking opportunities to learn about different technologies in the electrical hardware field.

Alexandra Kaufhold
Alexandra Kaufhold

Alexandra, a seasoned Electrical Engineer, brings a proven track record of creative problem-solving and a wealth of expertise in crafting innovative solutions. Her experience ranges from prototyping circuits using individual ICs on a breadboard to designing toy robots and testing entire LV systems of electric vehicles. Alexandra possesses a keen ability to comprehend how each component fits together, seamlessly transitioning from small-scale circuitry to overseeing the broader picture of collaborative systems.


Alexandra holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and a Technology, Arts, and Media Certificate from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Industry Experience

Alexandra’s career spans diverse industries, including energy monitoring solutions. In energy monitoring solutions, she designed schematics and PCBs using KiCad, PCB Designer, and lab equipment. She has also worked on conceptualizing and prototyping systems with motors, LEDs, and communication architectures using Altium and LTSpice. In the primary and secondary education sector, she tested current-rated motor drivers. Alexandra has also extended her expertise to both the industrial machinery manufacturing and motor vehicle manufacturing industries.


Alexandra enjoys all of the classic Coloradoan activities which include running, biking, skiing, climbing, hiking, and beer tasting all with the company of her dog, Steve.

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