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Eric Braley

Sr. Software Engineer

Tennessee, USA

As a Software Engineer at Very, Eric transforms client needs into reality by crafting clean, well-tested, and reusable code. His expertise spans technologies such as React, React Native, Javascript & Typescript, Kotlin, and more.

Eric Braley
Eric Braley

Eric is a Software Developer with hands-on expertise across the entire technology stack. On a constant quest to find the sweet spot where optimal meets reality, he has spent the majority of his career navigating both ends of the stack at small companies. Eric discovers challenges in backend work and finds joy in front-end tasks, with a proficiency in React/React Native, PHP, NodeJS/Express, Kotlin, and Cross-platform Solutions (Qt, KMM, Phonegap, etc.).


Eric holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Austin Peay State University.

Industry Experience

Eric has navigated through a diverse range of industries, covering IT Services, IT Consulting, and Health Care. His journey has seen him don various hats, transitioning seamlessly between roles as a software developer, software engineer, and principal developer. In the dynamic landscape of IT and Health Care, he has encountered a spectrum of challenges and experiences, contributing to his well-rounded industry expertise. Whether crafting code, engineering software or taking on leadership responsibilities, Eric’s career reflects a wealth of experiences and impactful contributions across these varied sectors.


Eric leads an active lifestyle, balancing video games with a commitment to staying fit, which includes attending F45 classes in his city with the goal of reaching the impressive milestone of 500 classes.

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