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Marcos Brito Devoto

Sr. Embedded Firmware Engineer

Buenos Aires, Argentina

In his role as a Senior Embedded/Firmware Engineer, Marcos specializes in designing and implementing cutting-edge IoT devices that contribute to global advancements in efficiency and productivity. His motivation is derived from tackling and resolving complex challenges, which necessitate collaboration with interdisciplinary engineering teams. Marcos thrives on pushing the boundaries of innovation to create impactful solutions that make a meaningful difference on a global scale.

Marcos Brito Devoto
Marcos Brito Devoto

Marcos is a seasoned electronics engineer, bringing a robust background in architecture design and system integration to the table. His career showcases a history of effective leadership and a prowess for interdisciplinary problem-solving. Marcos excels in both hardware and embedded firmware development, demonstrating a comprehensive skill set that spans the spectrum of electronic engineering. His experience extends across diverse domains, including industrial automation, medical device development, and the automation of smart hydroponic gardens. Marcos is adept at leveraging his expertise to drive successful outcomes in various technological landscapes.


Marcos holds a Masters Degree in Electronics Engineering from the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology and is currently pursuing a Postgraduate Degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Buenos Aires. On top of that, he has an Advanced Certificate in English and was the 2019 winner of the Electronics Engineering Fair from the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology.

Industry Experience

Marcos brings diverse experience as a development engineer in Facilities Services, where he spearheaded the conversion of industrial chillers to digital control. This involved PLC control software implementation, web server programming with bidirectional data transfer capabilities, and the design of an IoT solution with sensors and actuators. In Medical Equipment Manufacturing, Marcos led design meetings, ensured adherence to the design process, managed the supply chain for optimization, and contributed to mechanical design for cost reduction. In Food and Beverage Manufacturing, as a Lead electronics design engineer, Marcos designed and programmed the system architecture for an automated greenhouse. This involved embedded programming of micro-controllers, integration with real-time Linux applications, and GUI development using C, C++, Python, QT and .NET for user-friendly interfaces. His expertise spans multiple industries, showcasing a talent for solving complex engineering challenges and implementing innovative solutions.


Marcos loves playing soccer and visiting his family. He also enjoys making time for quick getaways to travel and discover new places. Recently he has taken on surfing and skiing whenever he gets the chance, finding both quite loveable.

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