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Over the Air Firmware Updates for IoT Security

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The Very Team

July 31, 2020

25 mins

Watch this video to hear Justin Schneck, senior software engineering fellow at Very and co-author of Nerves, speak about, “Over the Air Firmware Updates for IoT Security.”

This talk originally aired on July 16, 2020.

Over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates are a critical part of IoT security. Keeping devices up-to-date in the field protects both consumers and companies against potential vulnerabilities, with new attack opportunities being discovered every day. However, many companies choose not to invest in these critical updates because the associated costs are simply too high.

Justin Schneck, NervesHub co-founder, and Software Engineering Fellow at Very, shares how NervesHub solves this problem for companies by using delta updates, which send only the parts of the firmware that have changed to the device, rather than the whole file. This drastically reduces the size of the firmware files being sent over the air, which in turn provides companies with the cost savings they need to prioritize security. Watch Justin’s session to learn more.

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