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IoT Hardware Teardown Series | How Does a LEGO® Mario™ Work?

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The Very Team

December 16, 2020

8 mins

Watch this video to see Daniel Lindeman, a Senior Software Engineer at Very, tear down a LEGO® Mario™ to see what makes him tick.

What do you do when you love your brand-new LEGO Mario, but you’re also desperate to take it apart to see how it works?

If you’re an IoT developer at Very, you send the marketing department a video of your IoT hardware teardown, and they send you a replacement LEGO Mario to replace the one you took apart. 

And that’s exactly what Senior Software Engineer Daniel Lindeman did.  Watch him tear down his LEGO Super Mario to learn how it works.

In this teardown video, you’ll learn how and why LEGO Mario reacts differently to different items and colors in his LEGO kit, plus get a peek at the main processor with Bluetooth. 

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