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Securing Venues Using IoT and Advanced AI

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The Very Team

June 12, 2020

27 mins

Watch this video to hear Mike Ellenbogen speak on, “Securing Venues Using IoT and Advanced AI Plus COVID-19 Use Cases.”

This talk originally aired on May 7, 2020.

Mike is the founder and Head of Advanced Technology for Evolv Technology. Started in August 2013, Evolv is a growth stage company focused on protecting people from gun and bomb violence by fusing innovative new sensors and advanced AI.

Mike has served as the founder and CEO of Evolv and Reveal Imaging Technologies (acquired by SAIC). Prior to starting Evolv, Mike was an Executive in Residence (EIR) at General Catalyst Partners, focusing on investing in early-stage hardware and software companies in analytical instruments, sensors, and related services markets.

Mike has spent more than 25 years helping to shape the physical security and detection industry. As President and CEO, Mike successfully led Reveal Imaging Technologies, a leader in X-ray imaging and automated detection technologies to double-digit annual growth in both revenue and profitability over 7 years. Reveal was acquired by SAIC in 2010. Prior to Reveal, he oversaw R&D, engineering, and marketing efforts at PerkinElmer Detection Systems and Vivid Technologies, Inc.

Mike uses his background as a lapsed physicist, along with a lifelong interest in new technologies and new ideas to create a bridge between user needs and technical capability. Focused on market research, definition, and development of innovative new products and product enhancements. Mr. Ellenbogen holds a Physics degree from Colgate University, has been issued sixteen patents in the field of X-ray inspection and automated detection technology, and has been broadly published within the security industry.

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