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Episode 54 – Innovating Sustainable, Reliable, and Productive Technologies with David Vasko


with David Vasko

April 27, 2023

29 minutes

In the 54nd episode of IoT Podcast: Over the Air, Ryan Prosser, CEO of Very, speaks with David Vasko, an industrial automation innovator, futurist and advisor. They discuss how Rockwell evolved over the years and how they have enabled productive innovations. They delve into how Rockwell has been constantly trying to de-risk new technology to make innovations viable and reliable. David further discusses the usage of AI and a digital twin-base control system in the development of new products, citing an instance in which the former was employed to cut down on steel waste during manufacturing. He also explains how Rockwell sees AI and how to use AI to make innovations better. They also talk about the benefits of preventative maintenance measures and how they might be applied to cut down on expenses.

David Vasko is a development and research expert, formerly responsible for applied R&D and Global Product Standards and Regulations within Rockwell. Before working at Rockwell Automation, David served as a Board Member at the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC).

David was responsible for developing and managing technology to enable the future generation of Rockwell Automation’s industrial automation products. The company is a leading global provider of automation, power, control, and information solutions that help manufacturers achieve a competitive advantage in their businesses.

A note from Rockwell: Dave Vasko was Senior Director of Advanced Technology for Rockwell Automation, responsible for applied research and development and global product standards and regulations. He recently retired after 38 years with the company and a very successful career. We were lucky to speak with him shortly before he retired.

They cover:

👉 [02:55] Background of Rockwell Automation 

👉 [04:00] Rockwell’s mission in driving productive innovations 

👉 [07:30] De-risking technology to make innovations viable 

👉 [09:00] The application of a digital twin-base control system 

👉 [15:27] Designing solutions to problems using AI technology applications 

👉 [17:19] Rockwell’s take on AI

👉 [22:56] The importance of predictive maintenance strategy when designing innovations  

👉 [26:30] Other technologies besides AI that have significant industrial applications

👉 [28:00] The adoption of AI to optimize industrial operations 

👉 [30:07] The future of Rockwell Automation in innovation

If you’re interested in how AI has improved society, tune into this 54nd episode of IoT Podcast: Over the Air.

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