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Episode 56 – The Biotech Revolution: How Technology is Transforming Smart Buildings with Vijay Sankaran, Chief Technology Officer at Johnson Controls


with Vijay Sankaran

May 25, 2023

45 minutes

In the 56th episode of IoT Podcast: Over the Air, Ryan Prosser, CEO of Very, is joined by Vijay Sankaran, Chief Technology Officer at Johnson Controls. They discuss the overlap between biotechnology and the smart building industry, the role of data and metrics in improving smart buildings, and the key elements of successful smart buildings.

Vijay further discusses the challenges and solutions related to implementing IoT technology in buildings to improve their functionality and efficiency. Additionally, he points out the role of simplicity in deploying AI so that customers and technicians can use it effectively.

Vijay has held leadership roles in technology transformation across a spectrum of industries and, most recently, was Chief Information Officer and Head of Innovation at TD Ameritrade, with responsibility for digital strategy, customer platforms, software engineering, technology operations, cybersecurity, data management and analytics, and enterprise innovation. Prior to working at TD Ameritrade, Sankaran held executive roles at Ford Motor Company from 2001 to 2013, including IT Chief Technology Officer, Director of Application Development, as well as leadership roles in architecture, emerging technologies, data and analytics, and enterprise transformation programs.

They cover:

👉 [02:16] Background of Johnson Controls

👉 [03:27] Biohacking and the potential of technology to improve people’s health through data

👉 [07:23] Vijay’s love for big and complex transformations

👉 [09:47] The puzzle of building a scalable software platform for sustainable buildings

👉 [13:15] The challenges and solutions of implementing IoTtechnology in buildings 

👉 [16:09] Revolutionizing smart building management with IoT and AI

👉 [20:34] Practical use cases for AI

👉 [25:46] Advice to anyone trying to achieve success in tech

👉 [30:44] The power of combining devices and AI to solve complex problems

If you’re interested in building a sustainable future for the smart building industry with IoT and AI, tune into the 56th episode of IoT Podcast: Over the Air.

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