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Episode 42 – Leveraging Customer Relationships to Build Authentic IoT Products with Dave Crosby, Co-founder and CMO at WyzeLabs


with Dave Crosby

November 10, 2022

37 minutes

In this episode of IoT Podcast: Over the Air, Ryan Prosser, CEO of Very is joined by Dave Crosby, Co-founder and CMO at WyzeLabs. They talk about how small brands can leverage evolving market dynamics to take on big brands, achieving business success for budget-friendly IoT cameras, as well as the role of customer relationships in product success.

Crosby left his job at Amazon, watched his daughter Claire become a mini-celebrity with more than a million subscribers on YouTube and two million followers on Facebook, helped her land television and movie appearances, competed himself as a singer on The Voice, and co-founded a tech company that sells budget-friendly smart home IoT products.

They cover:

πŸ‘‰ [01:39 – 02:20] – What is WyzeLabs all about?

πŸ‘‰ [03:05 – 07:55] – The narrative behind WyzeLabs founding

πŸ‘‰ [08:47 – 09:20] – Selecting the right product to focus on

πŸ‘‰ [09:35 – 11:25] – The role of customer relationships in product success

πŸ‘‰ [12:27 – 14:05] – Getting WyzeLabs running from level zero

πŸ‘‰ [16:10 – 19:45] – Dealing with margins that are too low

πŸ‘‰ [21:00 – 21:45] – Achieving profitability with products at scale

πŸ‘‰ [21:45 – 25:27] – Ensuring the business survives

πŸ‘‰ [27:11 – 28:14] – Deciding between SaaS and current business model

πŸ‘‰ [29:27 – 34:20] – What’s next for WyzeLabs


Hosted by: Ryan Prosser

CEO at Very

As Very's CEO, Ryan collaborates daily with product, sales, and marketing to deliver the IoT solutions our clients look for. He is also a champion for our culture, fostering transparency and efficiency across our distributed team.