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Episode 64 – The Role of AI in the Trucking Industry with Chris Torrence, CSO at Optym


with Chris Torrence

September 21, 2023

32 minutes

In the 64th episode of IoT Podcast: Over the Air, Ryan Prosser, CEO of Very, speaks with Chris Torrence, Chief Strategy Officer at Optym, an AI-driven platform for driving efficiency in the trucking industry. 

Listen in as they delve into the fascinating world of AI in the trucking industry. Discover how Optym’s cloud-based solutions platform leverages AI to optimize efficiency and improve profitability. Learn about their approach to harmonizing human interaction with advanced machines, augmenting truckers’ roles instead of replacing them.

They cover:

πŸ‘‰ [00:31] – An overview of Optym and its business model

πŸ‘‰ [01:36] – Optym’s role in the trucking industry

πŸ‘‰ [03:53] – How AI is augmenting and supporting truckers

πŸ‘‰ [07:28] – Beneficial use cases of AI application in trucking 

πŸ‘‰ [12:35] – The biggest challenge in AI adoption and integration

πŸ‘‰ [15:02] – What lies ahead?

If you’re interested in how AI adoption drives efficiency in the trucking industry, tune into the 64th episode of IoT Podcast: Over the Air.

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Hosted by: Ryan Prosser

CEO at Very

As Very's CEO, Ryan collaborates daily with product, sales, and marketing to deliver the IoT solutions our clients look for. He is also a champion for our culture, fostering transparency and efficiency across our distributed team.