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IoT Security Explained: White Paper for Engineering Leaders

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Veronica Goudzward

January 8, 2020
2 min read

In recent years, security in the IoT world has looked a little bit like the Wild West.

While some regulators have started to pass laws governing how IoT devices and data are protected, there are still no well-known security certification programs for IoT devices. News of IoT security breaches feels almost commonplace, and researchers seem to unearth new device vulnerabilities with each passing day. 

In this environment, it’s no wonder that only a slim margin of executives feel confident that the Internet of Things is secure. Still, these concerns don’t appear to be prohibiting the growth of IoT — as McKinsey predicts, “the worldwide number of IoT-connected devices is projected to increase to 43 billion by 2023.” The benefits of IoT for enterprises are simply too powerful to pass up. 

The most innovative companies are moving forward with IoT, but in order to comply with current and future regulations and protect invaluable data, engineering leaders need access to best practices for IoT security. Because security is frequently a worthwhile but large investment of time and resources, they may also need guidance on how to apply these best practices in the most cost-effective ways.

In the latest white paper from Very, our Director of Engineering, our Software Engineering Practice Lead, and one of our experienced Embedded Developers collaborated to create a guide detailing what engineering leaders need to know about IoT security. The guide is based on our authors’ extensive collective experience in IoT security, and explores the following areas:  

  • Device Authentication in IoT: Without proper device authentication, hackers can easily gain access to a company’s network by impersonating a valid device. We explain the best methods for authenticating IoT devices and how these may apply to your specific use case.
  • Protecting IoT Edge Devices: What happens when a malicious actor gains physical access to your device? Discover cost-effective precautions you can take to avoid a major breach.
  • IoT Firmware Exploitation and Security: Firmware is critical to the way your IoT hardware operates, and a common target for hackers. Learn why IoT firmware security is so hard to get right, and the methods we recommend to protect it.
  • Securing the Application Layer: Find out why the application layer matters for IoT security and how to decide what level of security it needs, based on your unique application.
  • Educating Employees and Consumers: Consumer education is an important but often overlooked aspect of IoT security. We share some simple ways to educate the people who use your IoT products about how to protect individual and company data. 

Ready to learn more? Read our “What Engineering Leaders Need to Know About IoT Security” White Paper and speak with our team of IoT experts today!