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End-to-End IoT Development

With Very, innovate, differentiate and deliver powerful IoT solutions that deliver undeniable business value


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Powerful IoT Solutions

With Very, your IoT development project moves from POC to production in record time. Our tightly integrated, multidisciplinary teams harness the power of your people, products, and data to hone your vision and bring powerful IoT solutions to life.


IoT Product and Interface Design

Discover, validate, and deliver seamless experiences with holistic, human-centered IoT design. We’ll ensure a seamless user experience that delivers value from day one.


Data Solutions and Machine Learning

Deploy full end-to-end data pipelines to visualize and extract actionable insights from your data. Leverage the latest machine learning and statistical methods to unlock hidden intelligence, accelerate your business and build competitive advantages.



IoT Hardware and Firmware

Bring your product to market quickly with custom, rapid hardware prototyping, built with leading-edge and fully compliant electrical engineering practices.


IoT Software and Digital Infrastructure

Respond nimbly to market and product evolution with flexible software development for platforms, connected systems, web, applications, and embedded devices.

Drive Transformation With Connected Products

With over a decade of building smart and connected products for customers, Very helps enterprises push the boundaries of their current business models with elevated, strategic and human-centric solutions. We'll help you:

  • Anticipate and stay ahead of your competition
  • Unlock new revenue streams or a new line of business as you expand your target market reach and serve new clients or markets
  • Ensure on-time delivery by reducing risk and increasing velocity

Been There, Built That

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Why Choose Very

We partner with clients to create innovative, connective products while fostering trust throughout the process. From conception through to production, our team of expert problem solvers tenaciously get to the root of your most complex challenges.

A supervisor stands in a warehouse, holding a smart device and reviewing a warehouse management app for inventory tracking and logistics monitoring.

Holistic User-Centric Approach

As an end-to-end IoT development company, our unique approach to holistic engineering services focuses on the user, not the technical outcome. This approach fosters trust, proves the IoT use case, and prepares you to scale. Our approach involves:

  • Gathering feedback quickly and prioritizing the building of the most essential features
  • Promoting collaboration between teams to get products to market faster
  • Implementing an agile methodology, allowing for continuous refinement and a quicker response to evolving project needs

Innovative IoT Solutions Built to Scale

From building smart products to end-to-end connected ecosystems, each solution is designed to help you deliver more value. Our process includes:

  • Leaving room for your project to adapt as you learn more about customer needs
  • Integration of hardware, software, data and design to ensure a seamless user experience
  • Testing early and often to drive toward quick wins
A man oversees an IoT-connected ecosystem controlling a product line, where robots execute tasks autonomously.
A man stands in a field, holding a portable device, analyzing data related to soil moisture, nutrient levels, and crop health to monitor the planting status.

Proven Results That Drive Your Business Forward

With over 425 projects completed, we worked with powerhouse clients, from Fortune 100 enterprises to cutting-edge, VC-backed companies, to move smart device projects from POC to production with speed and agility. We add value by:

  • Providing a solution that can scale from day one to your potential deployment scenarios
  • Follow industry best practices to ensure the best possible outcomes
  • Ensuring a future-proof solution that remains secure, adaptable and functional as technologies advance

IoT Projects that Fuel Growth

3D render of a project developed by Very
#d render of a project
3D render of a project developed by Very
3D render of a project developed by Very
3D render of a project developed by Very
3D render of a project developed by Very
3D render of a project developed by Very
3D render of a project developed by Very
3D render of a project developed by Very
3D render of a project developed by Very


Our Client Success Stories

Discover the impactful and innovative IoT solutions we’ve provided for our clients across various industries.

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