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Steve Foley

Manager of Software Engineering

Washington, USA

As a Manager of Software Engineer at Very, Steve enjoys working at the intersection of tech and real-life, solving problems, and making a difference in someone’s life.




  • Python and Pytest


  • Test-Driven Development, Microservice Architectures, Cloud and Network Engineering, Real-Time Sensor Data Acquisition, Satellite Network Operations

Past Experience

  • Web Shop Manager, Software Engineer
  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography/ UCSD, Programmer/Analyst

Industry Experience

Steve is passionate about creating robust, reliable, flexible, and user-friendly software. Although he primarily worked with sensor networking, data management, and satellite communications, he is particularly interested in expanding his knowledge of functional and distributed languages, as well as data work.


When Steve isn’t working, he enjoys farming, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, backpacking, camping, surfing, building radios, and volunteering at his local fire department.

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