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Daniel Spofford

Director of Platform Engineering

North Dakota, USA

Daniel provides technical leadership and assembles robust product strategies and realistic estimates for client projects.


Past Experience

Before joining Very, Daniel worked as a software engineer at Humach, where they architected and implemented a variety of scalable, soft real-time services in Elixir utilizing technologies including Phoenix Framework, WebSocket and AMQP APIs, and integrating with services like Amazon’s Polly, Google’s libphonenumber, as well as various client APIs. These efforts were critical in supporting heavy real-time telephony traffic in addition to more traditional configuration and analytical data. They also created a variety of internal tools with Elixir back-ends and React front-ends to support developer efforts as well as business needs ranging from billing to QA.



  • BS in Software Engineering from Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University
  • BS in Computer Science from North Dakota State University

Industry Experience

As the Director of Software Engineering at Very, Daniel works to define standards across a variety of engineering domains including embedded firmware, mobile, frontend, backend, and distributed systems, as well as infrastructure best practices. They’ve used their expertise in Elixir, Phoenix, Nerves, Python, Java, C, and more to play a valuable role on Very projects like Interstate Batteries, Guardian Trust, and other IoT projects.



Daniel is a longtime open-source contributor to the Nerves ecosystem, a platform and infrastructure for building, deploying, and securely managing fleets of IoT devices. They’re also a regular speaker in the Elixir community, sharing how they’ve used their knowledge and experience for various IoT hardware and firmware projects.


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