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Bethany Ibarra

VP of Sales

Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA

Bethany likes the rewarding experience of working with a team on the end-to-end experience — from defining a client’s needs, to seeing a project through with successful execution that aligns with her expressed goals.


She’s thrilled to be able to serve clients in a high-impact way by connecting Very’s depth of product development services that uniquely and expertly address complex hardware and software delivery.


Before joining Very, Bethany spent the first half of her 20-year career at Motorola, working in various divisions across the business cycle in operations, product management, strategic planning, and, eventually, commercial leadership. She’s spent the last decade at Google and Lenovo in commercial leadership roles with a focus on market relaunches and growth optimization.


Bethany has a master of business administration from Florida International University and a bachelor’s in business and supply chain management from Michigan State University.


She likes anything she can do outside, including jogging, going to the beach, walking the trails of the nearby everglades, and cheering on her children at their respective sporting events.

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