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Episode 65 – Product Development, Technical Challenges, and Trading Standards: Insights from LightFair 2023


with Lightfair

September 28, 2023

34 minutes

In the 65th episode of IoT Podcast: Over the Air, Ryan Prosser, CEO of Very, attends Lightfair 2023 to find out what technology innovations are happening in lighting. He is joined by Ben Wald, VP Founder of Very.

Lightfair 2023 serves as the epicenter for this captivating journey into the future of illumination. As industry leaders converge to showcase their technological marvels, Ryan and Ben engage in insightful conversations that promise to unravel the intricacies of the ever-evolving smart lighting industry. Their quest is to uncover not just the trends but the very essence of connectivity and intelligence that define cutting-edge lighting solutions.

Throughout the episode, Ben and Ryan have the privilege of connecting with the luminaries of the lighting domain. These illuminating conversations transcend the conventional, offering a rare glimpse into the minds behind the innovations. Together, they traverse the nuanced pathways of development, discussing the challenges and triumphs encountered on the quest to deliver the latest and greatest in connected, smart lighting technology.

If your curiosity is piqued by the intersection of technology and illumination, the 65th episode of IoT Podcast: Over the Air is a must-watch. Tune in to witness an enlightening exchange of ideas, where the pioneers of the lighting industry share their insights, experiences, and visions for the future. Whether you are a tech enthusiast, industry professional, or simply fascinated by the transformative power of light, this episode promises an immersive and educational experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Don’t miss the opportunity to be at the forefront of innovationβ€”join Ryan Prosser and Ben Wald in unraveling the mysteries of Lightfair 2023 and the groundbreaking innovations shaping the future of smart lighting.

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β€œIoT Podcast: Over the Air” is a podcast that features unfiltered conversations with executives about their IoT journeys β€” the mistakes they made, the lessons they learned, and what they wished they’d known when they started. In each episode of Over the Air, our expert guests will make bold predictions, reveal unpopular opinions, and share stories you won’t hear anywhere else.

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Hosted by: Ryan Prosser

CEO at Very

As Very's CEO, Ryan collaborates daily with product, sales, and marketing to deliver the IoT solutions our clients look for. He is also a champion for our culture, fostering transparency and efficiency across our distributed team.