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Twitter now lets advertisers sponsor publishers’ Moments

The renowned social site Twitter is a social networking or microblogging service. Users Use mobile phones and computers to send and to read messages, named as tweets. Anyone can read these...
Xiaomi beats Samsung

Xiaomi beats Samsung to become the top Smartphone seller in India

The year 2017 undoubtedly remained the year of “unpredictability". The tech world in India also got hit with the news that “Xiaomi beats Samsung to become the top Smartphone seller in...

Datafication (The world is one step up)

“The increasing datafication of lives” I know it’s a fact of modern age and no one can deny this. Can you? Well, World is turning into technology Hub. And this technological trend is...

Alibaba has acquired Daraz.pk in $150 Million

“Chinese online retail giant Alibaba has acquired Pakistan's Leading Online retailer Daraz.pk for $150 million” A big thrill in the world of E-Commerce has just emerged with this news. The New Year has just...
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Top 10 Technology Trends 2018

“Top 10 technology trends 2018” are not just trends they are a pioneer on which 2018 is going to rely. With every passing year, the...