Robots are taking over the worldSounds alarming. Isn’t it? Relax, Let me clear it 🙂 Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is commonly known as narrow Artificial intelligence because it is designed to perform limited tasks. Here, I am going to illustrate the topic “Artificial Intelligence a modern approach

Nevertheless, the long-term goal of many computer scientists is to develop strong or General AI which would outperform humans at nearly every cognitive tasks.

Artificial Intelligence - A Modern Approach
Artificial Intelligence – A Modern Approach

From SIRI (Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface) to self-driving cars, Artifical intelligence is developing quickly. Artificial Intelligence, which started communications in 1970, is now broadly accepted premier international forum for the communication of results of current research in this field.

Artifical Intelligence-Definition

To understand term Artifical, first, you have to understand the word intelligence.

Actually, Intelligence is the ability to obtain and apply knowledge and skills.intelligence is most broadly studied in humans but has also been noticed in both non-human animals and in plants.

Intelligence in machines is called artificial intelligence (AI). It is the part of computer science which has the ability to perform tasks which mainly starts with intelligent beings. The term artificial is used when a machine copy “cognitive “ functions that humans connect with other human minds, such as “ learning” and “problem-solving”.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

In the simple words, design intelligent operative to solve real-world problems such as search, games, machine learning, logic, and restricted satisfaction problems.

Artificial intelligence- History

Don’t get bored, the history of AI is very interesting. 🙂

Many years back, in 1956 at Dartmouth College’s workshop, AI research developed by attendees named Allen Newell, Herbert Simon, John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky and Arthur Samuel. They produced a program which described as “astonishing”.

Actually, these were computer learning checkers strategies which used to solving word problems in Algebra, proving logical theorems and speaking English. The research was heavily funded by Defense Department in the 1960s to establish the laboratories around the world.

Artificial Intelligence History
Artificial Intelligence-History

AI’s Founders were highly optimistic about future but they failed to find the difficulty of some pending tasks which slow down the progress. But in 21st-century AI start to be used for Logistics, data mining, medical diagnosis and other areas.

They get success by increasing computational power, more focus on solving specific problems etc. In the mid of 2010’s machine learning applications were used throughout the world.According to Bloomberg’s Jack Clark, 2015 was a landmark year for AI.

Artificial Intelligence-Applications

I know you are thinking, how can AI be applied in our real life?

The answer is here!

Any Intellectual tasks are relevant to AI. Modern Artificial Intelligence techniques are extensive and countless to describe here.  High profile examples of AI include:

  • Autonomous Vehicles ( example Drones, self-driving cars)
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Creating art ( example poetry)
  • Proving Mathematical Theorems
  • Video Games ( example chess or Go)
  • Search Engines ( examples Google Search)
  • Online assistants (example SIRI and Cortana)
  • Image recognition in photographs
  • Spam filtering
  • Military
  • Finance and economics
  • Prediction of Judicial decision
  • Targeting online advertisement
Artificial Intelligence Applications
Artificial Intelligence-Applications

Artificial Intelligence- Advantages

Remember! Technology always develops/ invent to get some benefits.

Artificial intelligence Advantages
Artificial intelligence – Advantages

AI has many advantages which help us in many ways. Some of these are described here:

  1. Error Reduction helps to reduce the error and increase the chance of accuracy. It is applied in different studies for example Exploration of space.
  2. Difficult Exploration helps to explore the fuel and mining processes.
  3. A daily application like SIRI and Cortana help in every day work to use AI.
  4. Virtual/ Digital assistant connect with users to save the human resources needs.
  5. Do not Require frequent breaks and refreshment.
  6. Machine think faster than human and can put to multitasking.
  7. Medical professionals are often trained with the artificial surgery simulators.

Artificial Intelligence- Negative effects (disadvantages)

Don’t Forget, the technology which has some advantages, also contain some disadvantages.

Now let’s go and see the disadvantages of AI.

  1. Development/ invention of artificial Intelligence requires heavy cost due to use of complex machinery.
  2. Machine do not have any emotions and moral values.
  3. Machines cannot take decisions.
  4. Machines are unable to change their responses according to environmental changing.
  5. Machine depends on the human brain so, it doesn’t create its own original design.
  6. Replacement of Humans with machines can increase the unemployment on large scale.

Artificial Intelligence- Future

The technology travels at extremely high speed, and now we have much power in our pouch than we had in the 1990s. Huge data is speeding up the AI development process and we will see more integration in our daily live possibly soon.

Artificial Intelligence Future
Artificial Intelligence- Future

I know you are thinking How this integration change our lives?

The answer is here:

  1. By the full automation of transportation like buses and trains, the journey will become safer.
  2. In future, we will be able to augment ourselves with computers and increase our many natural abilities.
  3. As the technology improves, it takes over many dangerous jobs like defusing the drone bombs.
  4. The robot as a friend
  5. It will help to Care your elders.

As Robots are taking over our world and we are going to hand over everything to them. so, it won’t be too early to say that “The Future is now” 😀



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