Apple is assembling few new updates to improve its wireless Air Pods models. A new version of the popular headphones set is getting ready for release as soon as this year, according to Bloomberg. The new update is going to debut as “voice-activated Siri AirPods“.

Apple said to debut voice-activated Siri AirPods in 2018
Apple’s Wireless AirPods

One of the famous inventions of Apple “The wireless earbud styled headphones” last year now all its way with an update for 2018. The update includes the addition of a new version of the “W” line of chips that Apple created specifically to manage and improve Bluetooth-based connections between gadgets.

The iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch — Apple contemplate to frequently update the AirPods with new hardware features. The Cupertino, California-based technology giant is working on a new version for release as soon as this year with an upgraded wireless chip, the people said. and for 2019 A consecutive model is planned to be water resistant.

Team Apple News tweeted about this upcoming update most recently.

The 2018 hardware refresh would include not only an improved W chip (possibly the W2 added to the Apple Watch last year, or perhaps even a W3) the notable point is it will also carry the ability to activate Siri just by voice, rather than by physically tapping the AirPod in your ear, similar to the way iPhone and HomePod users invoke the virtual assistant.

Like with Amazon’s Echo devices or the iPhone, a user would be able to trigger the virtual assistant simply by saying the wake word aloud – “Hey Siri,” in this case. That would indeed to a step-up in terms of shifting AirPods to a voice-first interface device.

The idea behind the second iteration of AirPods said to be coming in 2019, is for the headphones to “survive splashes of water and rain”, although they likely won’t be designed to be submerged in water, according to Bloomberg‘s sources.

Apple is going to debut voice-activated Siri AirPods in 2018
Apple is going to debut voice-activated Siri AirPods in 2018

The last year Apple’s AirPods update did well, so reviving the update cycle seems coherent and need of time. it’s just like Apple keep updating its iPhone and other of Apple’s high-demand products.

it’s kinda alluring to observe the change in a number of users with this update and all other upcoming amends as they do with other high selling devices of the company.

Pay Warm welcome to this intelligent tech update 😉



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