Two Robots Talking Table:

The OpenAI laboratory, founded by Elon Mask, continues to explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence of two robots talking table. This time, the result of the experiment conducted over bots was the language that the programs developed independently in order to facilitate communication with each other and effectively perform common tasks.
The Wired website reports that at the moment the language of bots is still very primitive. But already now they demonstrate an interesting approach in this matter, denoting certain symbols of each other, surrounding objects and concepts.

For example:
“walking”, “standing”, “watching”.

Bots did not immediately learn to “talk”, but tried to learn to understand each other by trial and error, trying to navigate in their world and communicate with each other. If one of the ways of communication seemed to them insufficiently effective, they postponed it and applied other options, which seemed more appropriate to them.

Experts are confident that over time this language will become more complex and it can be translated into the human, while the robots learn to explain each other “on the fingers.”



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