NASA Budget:

Four days ago the US government approved a bill of NASA that provides the budget of $ 19.508 billion. This bill is $ 208 million more than the budget for 2016. Besides, the government highlighted the projects for which the agency must give up all his strength.

The bill passed unanimously. No one from Congress spoke against increasing the budget. So, what is the need to focus NASA specialists on catering to the country’s leadership?

Firstly, the allocated budget requires the space agency to do everything possible so that people were in orbit. And even better – on the surface of Mars in the 2030-th year. The bill separately highlighted, saying that the current space exploration should begin with a low-Earth orbit. Then shifted closer to the moon and then to go beyond it. It will be possible to think about the person sending to Mars.

NASA Bill Pages:

The bill consisted of 146 pages. But we emphasize only the most exciting moments that occur in it. For example, the government demanded that NASA abandoned its venture with the capture and delivery of the lunar orbit (or the Earth) large asteroids for their further studies.

In 2014, Asteroid Redirect Mission published the first project. Since then space agency experts are always working on it. Congress demanded from NASA to roll the initiative and throw already obtained operating time and resources to develop a project to send humans to Mars.

It was approved the project of sending a probe to Europe – one of the moons of Jupiter. This space mission excites the minds of scientists is not the first year, and finally, it was given the green light.

NASA need to expand permanent human presence beyond Earth orbit. Trial unmanned rocket launch SLS and Orion spacecraft is scheduled for 2018.

In 2021 the same ship will bring American astronauts to the moon. NASA committed to developing a supersonic and hypersonic airplanes for quick transport of people and goods. A separate item on the bill there is a requirement to enhance the cyber security space agency.

While the bill has not yet entered into force. For the final approval required signature of the president, Donald Trump, and there is little likelihood that he would veto the document.

The new administration of President has repeatedly spoken out against NASA some initiatives, for example, required to curtail climate change studies and division Earth Science.

Fortunately, the law makes no mention of financial support for such research, so that the space agency has a serious chance of success.

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