Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of influencing natural search results so that your web pages appear higher for the keywords you’d like to rank for. It is not about buying keywords.

Does Google consider SEO to be spam? The answer is “No, we do not consider SEO as spam” according to the Matt Cutts (Head of Google Spam Team at Google). He is the SEO police. Here is the video attached for further details:

The purpose of doing SEO is to use a series of methods that allow the “search engine” to understand the content of your site. And then make your site rank appear in front of the natural search results and achieve high traffic. The ultimate goal of SEO is to let the site in the first page, ranking the better in front of the better.

What Is Search Engine Optimization / SEO?

Imagine you are an administrator responsible for managing books all over the world. People rely on you to find the books they need. How do you do it? You need a system. You need to know the contents of each book, and the relationship between each book and the book. So your system needs to receive a lot of information, and then meet the customer’s inquiry. This is certainly not a simple job.

Search engines like Google and Bing are like library administrators on the web. Their system collects all the pages on the web to help users find the information they want. And each search engine has its own secret “recipe”, called the algorithm (algorithm), all the information into useful search results.

If you are running a website, search results are important. When you have a higher ranking of a page, it will help more people find you. The key to getting a higher ranking is whether your site has a “raw material” that meets the “recipe” developed by the search engine.

This is the essence of the search engine.

In fact, many of the main “raw materials” are all we know. First, the text is important. The search engine includes all the text on the web. When a user searches for “repair shoes”, the search engine can narrow the search results to only those pages related to these keywords.

Second, the title is important. Each page on the web has a formal title. But you may never have seen it because it is hidden in the code. The search engine is very important to the title, because the title is often a web page content summary, like a book title.

Third, the link between the site and the site is important. When a page is linked to another page, it is usually a recommendation that the reader is connected to the page that has good information. As a result, the search engine will be optimistic about a lot of links to get a web page.

But some people will be on the Internet a lot of manufacturing or purchase fake links, connected to their own website, trying to deceive the search engine. Usually, when a website has a lot of such links, the search engine will be found. Their countermeasure is to give more links to the links from creditworthy websites.

Fourth, the text used in the link is also important. If your page mentions that “Amazon has a lot of books” and “books” are a link, then the search engine will determine that Amazon is related to the “books” website. So, when someone searches for “books”, Amazon will have a good ranking.

Finally, the search engine value reputation. Continued to update high-quality content, and continue to get more links to the site, will be regarded as a network star and get a good search rankings.

These are just basic things. The search engine “formula” at any time in the adjustment and change. Good SEO optimization is to determine your site has a great, in line with the search engine required “recipe” element.

The ever-changing network marketing thinking also affects the SEO:

SEO optimization site is not what the secret, GOOGLE look can find a lot of SEO teaching content. But would like to SEO really “do” is not easy, because SEO is simply no standard. If the company boss asked IT staff to do for the official website SEO, in addition to the original buy keywords advertising, but also to let the official website of the keyword ranking in the search engine in the natural sort. With the keyword ranking, but also converted into orders …. This is certainly a chore.



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