Parental Control Smartphones:

Google released a tool for Parental Control Smartphones. Google launched a new application for parents, allowing them to monitor the actions of the child on the Android smartphone. This application is in a test mode. Using Family Link, you can remotely track your location, enable safe searches, and limit the time spent on the device.

App View:

Parental Control Smartphones App

Parents receive full access to the “child” account created through Family Link. In the app, you can see how long and which apps your child has used. This app set up weekly reports about his online activity. It enables Google search filters and Chrome browser to protect the minor from unacceptable materials, and even completely erase the account.

Keep an Eye on Screentime Families

Another feature of Family Link allows you to prohibit the installation of any programs from the store Google Play. If the child wants to put an application, he will be given the opportunity to send a request to the parent device.

Family Link is only available in the US, on Android smartphones and tablets (with version Nougat 7.0), and by invitation.

Parents will installed this app on the smartphones of their child under 13 years old.The release of the iOS-version of the application is expected later.



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